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Free Magento Extension #2 – Admin Category Products

I’ve just released a second small helper extension for Magento. On a past project, the store had about 200 configurable products, some having over 1000 associated simple products. To the customer, only the configurable products were in the catalog, all the simple products where hidden. We noticed that in the category edit area, when we selected products to add to the category all the products in the catalog were available. Because the sku names for the associated simple products were so similar to the configurable parent product, sifting through pages of products became too time consuming. Also, it didn’t really make sense as to why the product grid in the Category -> Category Products tab didn’t have similar search filters as the main product management grid in the admin.

This module adds more search filters columns to the Category -> Category Products tab and helps to extend the admin. As a bonus, the category name will be hyperlinked to the url for the category on the front of the site.

Linking to the category page on the front of the site was actually a bit of a problem, as the form.phtml page differs in its style. On the product edit.phtml template, the function $this->getHeader() returns the entire header (product name). However on form.phtml for the category page, $this->getHeader() only returns the category name, and is wrapped in htmlEscape like this:


In order to get around this issue, the package contains a modified version of the file design/adminhtml/default/default/template/catalog/category/edit/form.phtml and will overwrite the original file.

Admin Category Products Extension


Free Magento Extension: Admin Product Preview Link

Finally.  I’ve been talking about it for a while now, and uploaded my first Magento extension.  The extension is called Admin Product Preview Link.  Right now its in pending stage, but will provide an update when it goes live.

The extension is fairly simple, but I’ve found it useful from an administrator perspective.  After making changes and updates to a product, it’s always good practice to do a quick sanity check of the product page on the front of the site.  It’s those times when you’re just in the admin area and don’t feel like opening a new browser and navigating to your product.  This extension will hyperlink the product name and create a link that will open up the front-end product page in a new browser window.

Admin Product Preview Link

Admin Product Preview Link